As lifelong coffee lovers, we are perfectionists when it comes to every aspect of coffee.

We love experimenting with the slightest variations in the roasting process until the beans are just right.
We love brewing the perfect cup and pulling the perfect espresso shot.
We love cupping new varieties, finding the roast that suits each variety perfectly, and trying to make it even better.

In short, we love everything about roasting, brewing, and drinking coffee.

So as much as we are presenting the following information for your enjoyment and education, we are also doing it for ourselves. Because if more people become educated and excited about their coffee, fewer people will be willing to settle for mediocre brews. And at the risk of sounding obsessively fanatical, we believe that every time a quality cup of coffee is brewed, served, and enjoyed, the world is a slightly better place. Besides, for every person that is elevated from the status of a casual consumer to an informed connoisseur, there will be one more person spreading the gospel of our favorite subject.

Which, by the way, happens to be coffee.  Come visit our menu of coffees here.

At the Blue Mug, we also proudly brew Choice Certified Organic teas

Our selection of Cafe Moto Teas, chai and iced drinks are divine.  Come visit our menu of teas here.

We offer Almond (Paleo diet) and Soy Milk.

We offer a wide range of natural and flavored sweeteners.

If you prefer to enjoy your hand-poured specialty coffee or tea on the go, we invite you to bring your own washed, travel mug and we will fill it for your journey.

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